Supplemental Materials

The Health At Every Size® Curriculum includes a number of supplemental materials in addition to the three PowerPoint presentations. All are available free of charge.  Most may be downloaded below. Instructors who wish to receive copies of the examination, along with the answer key, should submit their contact information below, along with how they plan to use the examination questions. We will be happy to email you the exam questions and answer key free of charge.

License: The HAES Curriculum is licensed pursuant to Creative Commons. We give permission for any educational, non-commercial use of this curriculum. By downloading any portion of the HAES Curriculum, you are agreeing to use it for educational, non-commercial purposes and in its unaltered, original format. Thank you!

Instructor Notes. The PowerPoint slides, along with instructor notes, are available.  Download Instructor Notes for the OverviewDeveloping a Healthy Relationship with Food and Exercise, and Size Acceptance.

Student Handouts. Handouts of the PowerPoint slides are available for providing to students. Download Student Notes for the OverviewDeveloping a Healthy Relationship with Food and Exercise, and Size Acceptance.

Discussion Questions.  Discussion questions to aid instructors in their lesson plans. Download Discussion Questions.

Resource List. Extensive literature supports the efficacy of the HAES paradigm. This resource list provides only a snapshot of all of the available literature. The blogs, websites, magazine, newspaper and peer-reviewed journal articles provided on this resource list are some of the most well known articles in the field. Resources are organized by topic and by type of media. These resources can be incorporated into in-class and out of class activities as assigned readings. Download Resource List.

Assignment Ideas. A variety of assignment ideas are provided and categorized by the amount of time it will take students to complete the assignment (short, medium, long). Assignments vary in difficulty and address different learning styles and educational pedagogy. Download Assignment Ideas.

Audience Feedback Survey. A survey is provided if you wish to obtain feedback from your audience at the conclusion of the curriculum. Use of this survey can be adapted to suit individual teaching needs.  Download Feedback Survey.

Exam Questions. A list of exam questions is provided for testing audience knowledge of the material. There are 30 exam questions (10 for each of the three lectures) available for use. Eighty percent of the questions are closed-ended (multiple choice or true false) and 20% are short answer or essay. To receive the Examination and Answer Key:

Creative Commons License
Health At Every Size® Curriculum by ASDAH, NAAFA, & SNEB is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License./p>


  1. This curriculum is so fabulous! I am very excited to use some of the materials in my courses at Northeastern University in Boston. Thanks so much for all the work you all put into making these materials.

  2. […] website is a wealth of resources including overview Powerpoints, a section of supplemental materials that contains handouts (for students and instructors), discussion questions, assignments and much […]

  3. I am using some of these materials this semester in my Intro to Human Nutrition course at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. The exam questions were an excellent way to not only assess my student’s understanding, but to reinforce the ideas of HAES. The assignment to explain HAES to a friend or family member is terrific. I was thrilled to read how my students really got this.

  4. Patrícia · · Reply

    Greetings, my name is Patrícia, i’m a phd candidate interested in in working on the HAES principles with university students as part of my doctoral thesis. I wonder if it is possible to make a portuguese translation of these materials as I want to do an intervention with groups and so far I have no found a reliable source to use it on a Brazilian group. Would you recommend me any material to translate/adapt or have any other suggestions? thank you kindly.

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